Monday, July 28, 2008

A quick note on ICC manners

Since I'm posting my League4545 games, you will all soon know my ICC handle is Caissapriest. Since I have a proclivity to be outspoken online, a few quick notes on my views on ICC manners. First though, let me note that I am very frequently drunk when playing online, and so if I've ever said anything rude to you (especially if you have an automated thank you), then I apologize. Drunkenness is not an excuse (since it's certainly my choice to drink and play chess), I'm just saying don't take it too personally.

In any case, a few things about ICC manners

1. Rematch challenges are fine, but please don't give me any shit if I decline. Playing you once is not a tacit agreement to play you repeatedly. You have no idea why I'm not playing you again. Maybe my girlfriend needs something. Maybe my cat threw up. You don't know. It's not a big deal.

2. Talking shit unprovoked is very bad form. Talking shit when provoked, however, I view as not such a big deal. Provocation includes anything that would be rude over the board, including letting your time run out in a lost position when you have a lot left rather than resigning, playing on in terribly lost positions when there is a lot of time remaining, and so forth. If you're losing, just lose and be done with it. You're not going to swindle me with your knight and pawn when I have three queens or something, at least not when we both have 5-10 minutes left. It's just a waste of both our times.

3. Profanity is still unnecessary in the above cases, because you don't know anything about the person you're playing. When I say talk shit, I mean something along the lines of: "That's really rude to play on when you're totally lost, and I don't understand why anyone would play you more than once. I certainly won't" +noplay +cens. I wish I had a hotkey for this phrase. It's pretty mild as such things go, but it gets the point across.

4. I hate automated thank yous. If it's a really obnoxious one, then I might say something rude, especially drunk. I got censored for this once by ICC administration, probably rightly. The reason I hate them is because they're so fake and impersonal. They come up after truly good games, and after games where I hang my queen on move 8. It's like when you're on hold with AT&T and the automated voice tells you they value your call and then thanks you for your patience. They don't value your call, it wasn't a good game every time, and so I would prefer people reserve their thanks for games that are actually good enough that they feel inspired to reach out and type a real thanks.

That's my ICC rant. Please don't drop me a bunch of messages about what a dick I am. My censor list is big enough already.


Wahrheit said...

Excellent points, I'll be linking to you soon!

Best Regards,


Caeruleum Canis said...

glad you like it.

Blue Devil Knight said...

In an OTB tournament game, I always shake and say thanks, and of course it is automatic and I don't mean it half the time. It's the same way on ICC: just being polite. When people get pissed about that, when I say 'thanks' after a game, they get noplay, censor immediately. Unless they are drunk, in which case I play them again. :)

Caeruleum Canis said...

I don't mind real thanks, I just don't like automatic ones. If you take the time to type it, I know you mean it. At least a little. Also, if I'm drunk you'd probably know it, since I mistype a lot when I'm loaded.

G-Funk said...

"Good game, thx for playing!"

G-Funk said...

No, but seriously, I've never understood, and probably never will, why there is so much drama on a fucking chess server.

Also, my phone is broken.