Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year, Corus is Coming...

And not a moment too soon.  Every super-tournament seems to have a few requisite
tomato cans, but the invited Dutch players at Corus tend to be either pretty strong
(Loek Van Wely used to be good, I swear, or young and on the rise like Smeets and
Stellwagen. I especially like Smeets' play. In any case, between the strong A-group
field and Caruana playing in the B-group, this should be another interesting edition
of Wijk an Zee. Here's the entire lineup from the A-group, cribbed from Chessninja.

Alexander Morozevich (RUS, #2) Elo: 2787 DOB: 1977
Vassily Ivanchuk (UKR, #3) Elo: 2786 DOB: 1969
Magnus Carlsen (NOR, #4) Elo: 2786 DOB: 1990
Levon Aronian (ARM, #7) Elo: 2757 DOB: 1982
Teimour Radjabov (AZE, #8) Elo: 2751 DOB: 1987
Wang Yue (CHN, #11) Elo: 2736 DOB: 1987
Michael Adams (ENG, #12) Elo: 2734 DOB: 1971
Sergei Movsesian (SVK, #13) Elo: 2732 DOB: 1978
Sergei Karjakin (UKR, #15) Elo: 2730 DOB: 1990
Gata Kamsky (USA, #16) Elo: 2729 DOB: 1974
Leinier Dominguez (CUB, #21) Elo: 2719 DOB: 1983
Loek van Wely (NLD) Elo: 2618 DOB: 1972
Daniel Stellwagen (NLD) Elo: 2605 DOB: 1987
Jan Smeets (NLD) Elo: 2604 DOB: 1985

So that's a pretty good field, much better IMO than the Grand Prix that just
finished in Elista. Seriously, how did FIDE dig up so many no-name 2700+ players
for that one? I would only consider Radjabov, Leko, and maybe Grischuk among the
world elite, ratings not withstanding. In any case, chess will resume soon here in
South Florida and I'll publish more games that no one will look at or comment on.


natec said...

Stellwagen can hang with this guys on any given day too. Check out this game from almost a year ago.

I remember spending way too much time analysing that game at work when it was published in TWIC. You do have to wonder how much Stellwagen saw vs how much he found out of necessity. But there were some nerves of steel exhibited by him here..

Anonymous said...

Sweet game. I think it's much harer to calculate defensive tactics than offensive ones. I hope some of the younger guys will be out for blood, and the older guys will feel obligated to beat them with either color.