Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Streak just keeps rolling, sort of...

I did draw another game at the Boca Chess Club, but I was busted the whole time. Still, i'll take it.


So that was that game. That's some bullshit, frankly, I felt bad for my opponent but what the hell. So it goes some times. As it happened, I went to a quick tournament the next day and went on complete tilt. Lost the same way in the opening in the first round of that tourney as I got busted in the above game. I lost to an unrated guy who lied about his abilities, but even worse I lost to like a 1200 player because I was so frustrated. Horrible. I'm drunk now, so that's fine, and my regular rating went from 1708 to 1772 from the Boca tourney. Not so bad for one tournament. The quick one was a side show, but it still hurts. I hate losing like that. In other news, surgery AGAIN on the 20th, hopefully after that I'll be done with all these intestinal problems. Eventually I'll have to start searching for a job in earnest. C'est la vie. Be well.


natec said...

I wonder what the touch move rule is with regards to promotion... Since the queen isn't technically on the board does touching it count if you haven't placed it on the board?

I have to wonder about your assesments of equality in alot of the lines in the opening especially after Qd7. I've had a few wins in that position with similar ideas of Kingside expansion for white. It seems like Qd7 just loses too many tempi and white should get a comfortable edge. The fact that you ended up having to play Qb6 anyway seems to back up my P.O.V. here. Maybe it's computer equal, but I don't think it is objectively or human equal.

This game bore great resemblence to a game that I played in the last round of the KY Open last year where black wasted several tempi in a slav and found himself worse.

Caeruleum Canis said...

I agree with you that I am not equal after all the queen moves. The big mistake was playing Nf6 instead of e6 on move 4. After that I'm in trouble. I had a few chances to equalize only because he didn't play the most accurate moves, but I messed up badly in the opening. e6 has to be played in response to Nc3 or else black is in trouble. The funny thing is, the next day in a rapid tournament I lost in the same line TO THE SAME OPENING TRAP! Suffice it to say that it won't happen again.