Thursday, September 11, 2008


Nate, I'll do 90/30 but Sunday I will be hung over since my bachelor party is Saturday night. How about Sunday in one week? We could even do 2 Saturday and 2 Sunday. I don't really care if we rate it or not. I'm down either way.


natec said...

I'm cool with a week from this Sunday. It will give me plenty of time to study the Colle System :)

Be careful with your bachelor party, I'm not going to bail you out of jail just so we can play a match :).

As far as a line on the match. I do know that if it is rated I have to score 3-1 not to lose rating points. (I'd actually gain a few, so if I get up 2-0 expect incredibly dull games after that point :))

I guess I'm down with the wager of crown, however I'd prefer to be paid in the currency of wheat beer such as Hacker Pschorr.

I really don't know what to expect from the match. I am very rusty but had good results in Kentucky but that tournament was sandwiched between two bad tournaments for me and I've lost 100 rating points this year alone.

We might be able to do two days but I will have to arrange for a baby sitter on that saturday. if you want to split it up I'd rather do two Sundays.

Caeruleum Canis said...

You like Hacker Pschorr? That's my favorite beer. We could do all day Sunday, that's fine. If you play the Colle system, I'll immediately offer you a draw.

natec said...

Hacker is definitely my favorite beer as well. I was disappointed that the Rathskellar didn't have it any more when I was there a couple of weeks ago.. atleast it wasn't in the Biergarten.

As far as squeezing it in into one day, I'd be cool with compromising on the time control (maybe 75 15 or 45 45). I don't want the person that wins the match to win only because of sitzfleisch though I think that from your recent blog posts that better mental endurance is something that you are trying to achieve.

Caeruleum Canis said...

Well, 75/15 would be okay. If we need an adjournment in between games, that's fine. We can shoot for 4 on one day and see how it goes. Next Sunday will work, though I don't know where we'd play it.

natec said...

ugh... my parents are apparrently visiting on Sunday. Are you free Saturday if I can get a baby sitter?

If we play saturday we can probably play at the Glendale Library in one of their "quiet rooms".