Sunday, February 22, 2009

Notes from the hospital...

They've switched me to oral narcotics from intravenous. That's good as a sign of progress, but they're much less effective and I'm in a bit of pain right now. To get my mind off of it and to fight creeping hospital boredom, I've decided to post some old games of mine. If you follow this blog you might notice some differences in the annotation style, mostly that I knew a lot less about chess than I do now. It's funny to play through some of these games now because I was such a patzer when I first annotated them, and my standards were so much lower. I may not be a lot better now, but at least now I know how little I know.

This is a game from the Indiana Class Champs in 2007. I had just gotten back from Napa Valley where my fiancee (now wife) and I were vacationing, so I was jet lagged, hung over, and in bad shape to play chess in general. I lost my first two games and I was in a very violent mood. This game is the result of that mood.


I must admit I changed some of the annotations, primarily removing off color language and some of the comments that were a little too over the top. Even though this game isn't perfect by any means, I still enjoy looking over it because it was cute attacking effort.

My recovery is going well, and soon I hope to be out and playing serious chess again. I am healing very well so this is a realistic goal. I also need to get a job, so if you have any friends in banking in southern Florida in need of analysts or project managers, let me know.


natec said...

I think your opponents name in this game is Dan Bryant and not David Bryant.

I'm glad to here that you are feeling better!

It's cliche, but as far as chess knowledge goes, I'm pretty sure that the stronger you are the more you realize how little you actually know. Your annotations become less authoritative because you see that even the moves you used to think were obviously bad are now plausible.

I like the way you played in the Bryant game. Even in the line you give where "Black has no safe place for the king". My first assessment is that black is equalish after 14. Qc5 Bf8 15. Qd5 Be6, I'm not seeing anything better that exchanging queens for white making me think the black king will be plenty safe in the center.

This analysis is during my lunch time browsing so there are probably some tactical flaws...

Anonymous said...

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